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Aug 12

Reducing Covid-19 Risk in Indoor Environments based on the Wells-Riley Equation

We will explore the relationship between air filtration, ventilation and wearing masks to help decision-makers reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread in indoor environments.

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Vision and MissiON

We help our members and Utah’s energy management community expand knowledge and develop skills to implement energy efficiency programs, projects and technologies to reduce the built environment’s impact on our State’s resources.

2019 - 2020 Goals

  1. Develop and provide excellent training opportunities for professionals in, or interested in, Utah’s energy or resource management community.

  2. Increase Utah Chapter membership by providing excellent training and networking opportunities. Expand outreach efforts to increase the diversity of our membership. Typical members are project and program managers, engineers, and facility managers but could also include sustainability managers, construction managers, operations managers, or anyone with responsibility over built environments.

  3. Determine the most meaningful way to recognize outstanding achievements among Utah’s energy management community.

  4. Help targeted Utah audiences understand the link between utility use in the built environment and air quality issues.

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