ASHRAE COVID-19 Resources

ASHRAE Resources

ASHRAE has created an epidemic task force which provides comprehensive guides for many industries. While the bulk of the information focuses on engineering controls, the guides cover many topics including information on building operations, air filtration and disinfection, transportation and more.

Building Readiness

This very comprehensive and thorough guide can help ensure that a building is ready to be reopened, especially if it has been unoccupied for some time during quarantine. It contains guidance on most building systems for use both during and after the pandemic.

Commercial Guidance

This article is more generalized for commercial buildings, while still providing a holistic view for business and building owners on both business and building operations during the pandemic. This includes developing a safety plan and modifying both building and business operations.

Filtration and Disinfection

ASHRAE offers additional guidance for updating air filters and taking other measures to disinfect air and surfaces. While the main focus is on mechanical air filtration and chemical surface disinfection, this article offers some guidance on strategies gaining popularity during the pandemic, such as ultraviolet light and increased PPE.

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