Engineering Articles on COVID-19

Utah Government

The state government website is where the local laws and regulations are hosted, in addition to many resources useful for business owners. It is vital to check back frequently as public health orders are updated often. Much of the content is focused on helping businesses operate safely, but some economic resources are still available.

Site-level NMEC and the impacts of COVID

While normalized metered energy consumption (NMEC) has proven to be very useful to quantify energy savings, the way it is implemented may need to be modified to fit the COVID era. Buildings are now operating with much lower occupancy rates, and the baseline assumed for NMEC has changed significantly. Occupancy consideration may be an important factor to incorporate into new NMEC projects.

Is ultraviolet light effective at inactivating COVID-19 for a healthy workplace?

UV has been used extensively in medical and laboratory settings to fight pathogens for many years. While it may be tempting to directly apply medical devices for general building use, there are many considerations to be made about the type of installation, maintenance, personal safety and overall effectiveness before adding UV into any pandemic management strategy.

Taylor Engineering COIVD-19 White Paper

This well-researched paper provides many insights into the ways HVAC and building modifications can be used to reduce, but not entirely eliminate, infection risk, with information on ventilation, filtration, and other measures.

IES Committee Report: Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) - Frequently Asked Questions

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) developed an FAQ on germicidal ultraviolet light as it may be applied in the COVID-19 pandemic. The FAQ covers the underlying science, the types of UV installations and makes specific recommendations as to which applications are most appropriate during the pandemic.


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